Time is the most underrated commodity on Planet Earth. More valuable than ocean front property, gold, even an Italian made sports car. For thousands of years very few understand how truly important time is. Everyone has an hour glass or clock above their head and eventually it runs out or counts down to zero. As Americans we probably have the least amount of awareness about how little we value our time. For a first world country we are the most overworked, overstressed out of anyone.

If you followed the Greece fiasco a couple months ago you probably were in awe when you heard one of the main sticking points that had to be included in the bailout was the retirement age had to be increased. The Daily Caller had a stat that 75% of Greek pension plans retire around 61. Imagine if right now 3 out of every 4 Baby Boomers retired. You cant because its unimaginable to have so many people retire at that kind of age.

Getting back to America, we do not value time. Maybe in a perfect world the amount of work we do and the way we do it for the length we do it that kind of different retirement plan would be a dream come true, a real American Dream. But then again that’s why we are who we are and they are who they are. Still there is a lot to envy about other first world countries that make time for time. Mandatory vacation time, paid time off, sick leave or a leave of absence, all things that have to do with your time away from work that directly deal with your general attitude or disposition at work, yet so many American companies do not offer any of those. Per the Boston Globe: 25% of Private sector laborers do not get paid time off. If you live in Puerto Rico (A territory of the US) you get 3 weeks a year.

The point is that America needs to change its policies, and it starts with the big companies on down. You shouldn’t have to move away from your home to go to another country because they value their time more than someone else values yours. The truth is there is nothing more valuable than your time. And the employer you choose to work for should recognize that.




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