Corporate Social Responsibility

Business/Lifestyle/Thincing Socially:
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) attributes to a company’s impact on social and economic well being of either a global or community standing. It is very important that a company establishes a character of how they will act when it comes to giving back.

If you search a company’s website usually on the bottom of the homepage somewhere is a link for what they do for their corporate social responsibility. When buying products or using a service from a company it should be important to make sure it is known where a portion of proceeds for profits is going, or what will be given/donated to the community at large, whether locally or in a different country. 

Two companies come to mind when thinking of CSR: TOMS Shoes and Warby Parker. They make it well known in their advertising and marketing that when a pair of shoes or glasses respectively are bought a pair will be distributed to someone in need. TOMS Shoes also donates clean water, vision exams and glasses, among others. Their shoe sales ensure donations to those in need in America and also abroad. Warby Parker does the same when you buy a pair of their frames and someone in need in the world will receive a pair or an exam.

Many of your favorite companies do good and those deeds go unnoticed by the general public, but be sure they are doing something. Companies CSR can get lost in all the talk and focus on profits and winning the margins. Giving back is one of the greatest gestures of humanity. A corporation should not only take part but also embrace their charity. Everyone should do their part, remember corporations are “people” too.

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