How Rewards Programs Are Good For Business


If you haven’t already noticed many businesses are popping up with rewards programs and incentives to not only get new customers but to really keep existing customers from going anywhere else.

As an example you could say Cumberland Farms has the best gas rewards program in the country. I am a “Smart Pay” member and I have to say nothing else compares. I can count on one hand how many times I have gotten gas at a gas station other than Cumberland Farms in the last 2.5 years.

The way their program works: Either download their app or go into a store and grab a physical card. Then you go online and set up an account by adding your personal checking account to it. After that you are able to use the rewards card/app at any Cumberland station and automatically receive 10 cents off every gallon you purchase. On top of that you get in-store free rewards for no reason at all and also depending on how often you get gas (it keeps track). By giving incentives to customers to keep them coming back many companies are joining the trend of offering a rewards program.

They are a great example because they kept up with the curve of consumer trends. Now you see big companies have rewards cards and offer incentives to customers to keep them coming back and not go anywhere else. Subway, Dunkin Donuts, are among some that offer a rewards program. Businesses are now fighting to keep customers because if it means something to you they want that to carry over to what they offer. Giving you a reason to stick with their products or services is seen as a way to create a long term customer, even when a program ends.

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