The Sustainability of Water

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I wrote about how water is like the new gold because of its scarcity in a previous post. My idea for that post was because of the news in America about California when their drought hit record highs in the early part of Summer 2015.

I brought up this issue because of the need for a solution, and so far there are a few options on the table. Including something that I actually had first hand experience of. Its called “poop water” or basically contaminated sewage water with human feces (and other contaminates) that is converted into safe drinkable water. Bill Gates added a story on his blog about the process of turning soiled and used water into clean enough water to not only drink, but also reuse in resourceful ways. That story about Bill Gates that hit the news early August 2015 can be read here:

Spring 2015 I visited the Milford Wastewater Treatment Plant in Milford Massachusetts. I was on a class trip for an Environmental Studies course and we were toured an experience around the plant from the start of the wastewater process to the end when that wastewater was converted into what is known as class B water which means it is good enough for use by way of swimming, fishing, or boating in, but still not yet considered class A which means it is all the above plus drinkable for humans. The point of the plant is to take “used” water and turn it into EPA standard class B water so it can be released back into the environment, and that is the standard used by all United States fresh surface water bodies.

I experienced exactly what Bill Gates did, minus the drinking of the finished product. But still nonetheless I thought this post would add to my last one where raising awareness about this issue is crucial by those who see it as eminent danger in the future. I am like Bill Gates where the I thought the concern should be raised so more will become drawn to the facts that water scarcity is a real and threatening matter to our way of life.

This was an unpaid post.

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