3 Ways to Expand Your Mind and Become A Better Person


Photo courtesy of: timwoods.org
Photo courtesy of: timwoods.org

1. Exercise: Exercising is a great way to get your mind off of school, work, running your business, or anything else that drags on in your mind. Some people meditate or do yoga or pilates, but everyone is different. High amounts of stress will keep you from doing what you’ve been tasked or set yourself to do. I’ve heard from numerous other stories about how endorphins are released when you workout and that’s what makes you feel less stressed, so maybe they’re right about that.

2. Donating Time or Money: Not everyone has money to give away but we all have our time that we can donate which is really more valuable than money. If you do have money, there are some scenarios where modest to above average income earners donate usually around 10% of their  wealth or income a year. I myself donate not money but food to a local food pantry about 2-3 times a year right around back to school and finals time. I find that it does feel good and believe the good karma of giving back around finals might be an extra push to send some good my way.

3. Staying Social: Making connections between the people you meet, work with, or hang out with. You can learn a lot from the people you meet, and that could help you along your way in life. If you are not constantly learning you are not improving. Whether its a short conversation with a stranger, or using the knowledge of someone who you emulate, there are many ways to better yourself through a social interaction.


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