Amazon’s New Fire Tablet



The new Kindle Fire coming out at $49.99 will probably be the highest selling product of the Christmas season. We are now coming to the point of technology where not only does it continue to get smaller with each device, but also costs are coming down. We are starting to see different ways to build tablets and smartphones to get them out to the market quick and cheap compared to competitors. Apple doesn’t often counter products. They will most likely not come out with a $49.99 tablet because that is not what they do.

Reacting to how competitors make moves is not what a company like Apple does. They have a plan and stick to it, which has worked for them so far. That means a lot when it comes to believing in your customer base and in yourself with your products and services that you don’t have to try and one-up someone else doing the same thing you are doing.

This was an unpaid post.

Image courtesy of Amazon Press


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