5 Ways To Save Money With Small Changes





There are always ways in which we do things that might not always lead to the best outcome, and most of the time that involves how we spend money. Here are a few ways we came up with saving more just by not always doing exactly what you’ve always done:

 1. Not Driving: By picking one day a week, especially if you live in the suburbs, without driving can lead to spending less on gas. You can do this if you live in the city too. If you live in the city and commute to another place in the city or outside of the city, choosing to not drive on a Saturday or Sunday and planning ahead to driving to do activities or visit people on one of those days, but not both. Even with gas at low prices its better to save a day of not driving and hanging out at home getting things done.

2. Go Out Every Other Weekend: If you go out to a bar or club every weekend, assuming Friday and Saturday chances are you spend a lot every weekend. That’s usually how people blow their money on a weekend and I’m not knocking you if that’s what you do. bridge-beerBut going out every other weekend will save you a lot more in the long weekend. It might get old really quick if you go out every weekend already.

3. Budgeting For Quick Food Stops: This includes fast food, coffee, other things that if you are not at a restaurant or eating at home something you picked up from the store that should last a week is included here. Get a jar in put in it $20 a month. Every time you get coffee, a burrito, a pack of almonds or whatever use only that money and put the left over amount each time back into the jar, see how far it gets you if you are disciplined enough.

4. Bank Differently: If you are unhappy about how little you get in APY for your bank-buildingchecking/savings account at you big bank, try banking locally. Shop around rates and benefits and see who offers what. Most big banks charge monthly account fees for non-usage or require a certain amount be deposited every month to not get hit with a fee, look into a regional or local bank because they most likely will not do this. When I was younger my first account was with a large bank and when I went off to college away from home I was hit every month with a $10 fee because I did not deposit into the account, and that hurt. I learned my lesson and moved on to banking locally with a bank that donates to a different charity in the community once a month, support the small businesses and banks and they will support you.

5. Do All The Small Things: This could be getting air in your tires once a month, which will help save in gas mileage. Or take all your empty soda bottle or alcohol cans/bottles back to the deposit for the money. To also doing laundry once a week all in one day. There are a variety of small things  that we do day-to-day that sometime we do not realize add up to costing us.

The goal of this is to get you to think about what do you do in an ordinary day and how can you change what you do to not cost anything, or cost very little. When it comes to your bottom line. Most businesses (Or successful ones at that) do this at least every week to minimum once a month by tracking all the little things because sometime those go unnoticed unlike the bigger things, yet all add up to how efficiently you operate.



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Image sources: http://cdn.fiscalgeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/bank-building.jpg








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