Why Netflix Is King Of Content


Netflix is one of the FANG stocks on Wall Street that has taken the world by storm, and has the full attention of the Millennial Generation. The others being Facebook, Amazon, and Google. It all started out as a DVD-to-home delivery service that once offered free streaming online as part of the deal. I can remember myself thinking what a stupid idea of watching videos on my computer when I could just have DVD’s ready to be sent to me by mail whenever I wanted.

It was setup so that your “Queue” would be whatever movies you wanted to be delivered next would come as soon as you put the one you had back in its already prepaid Netflix envelope and left it in your mailbox. Two or three days later the next one up would be in your mailbox.

Netflix most genius self promotion without paying for advertising to do it by far was having those DVD’s delivered in a big red envelope that looks exactly like the logo above. A big red envelope with the name “Netflix” across so everyone knew when you got


your mail delivered to your house what you had in your hand and where it came from.

Which is why we are here today.

Millennials soon made the switch to online and doing a lot more with streaming. Pretty soon the DVD’s started to be a small added benefit to watching shows “On Demand” whenever you wanted through Netflix. Streaming shows put the DVD side of the business to rest, but that was OK for Netflix because by now most people knew who they were and liked where they were going.

Netflix is king because the the content it offers. Believe me when I say myself and most of my friends were pumped when we found out Bill Nye The Science Guy was added to Netflix. I remember when I started with the DVD service I thought it was amazing that there were so many movies I had not heard of yet had the option to view. Many indies were a part of the Netflix rise, and still are today. Where Netlfix has evolved is to be its own production company with many hit shows and features such as House Of Cards, Orange Is The New Black, and Making A Murderer among a few to name.

Netflix will be around for awhile and it all has to do with what it produced and keeps producing with whatever is trending. Evolving the business and focusing on content will be what drive Netflix to being in the elite FANG group.